Monthly Archives: October, 2014

Extracting layers into new images for all screens just became so easy in Photoshop!

Today, Adobe updated almost all of their creative apps including Photoshop. If you are a designer or developer who has ever needed to slice out assets from a PSD design to use in a website or mobile app, this update is going to give you hours (or days) of your life back.

A while back, Photoshop introduced Generator to automatically create new assets if you named your layers correctly. This interface wasn’t particularly friendly. Now, the new “Extract Assets” feature puts an easy to use face on the generator technology.

Here are the simple steps to getting new image assets from a PSD using the update of Photoshop CC including Extract Assets:

1. Open your PSD design.

2. Select all the layers you want to create new images from.

3. Right click and select “Extract Assets”.

4. In the dialog select all the resolutions you want created, add or delete layers from your asset queue, manage names and settings.

5. Apply the settings and ALL of your assets are created at once (no need to repeat any steps).