Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Can I share a PSD from Project Parfait?

In Project Parfait’s in-app chat, I’ve been reading through all the feedback and trying to respond to people’s requests and problems. One question that has come up a lot is, “Can I share my PSD from Project Parfait?”. I’ve answered this question at least a dozen times, so, I thought I’d post an answer here for anyone looking for it.

Right now, Project Parfait does not support any collaboration features like sharing. So, if you are a designer wanting to share a PSD with a developer through Project Parfait…. you can’t really do it. You will need to send the PSD to the developer and they will need to upload to their account to take advantage of measurements, CSS and assets outputted by the tool.

However, sharing and collaboration is on our radar and we plan to have this in the next few months.