Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Preview 7 makes it easier to explore Edge Reflow

Today, we launched an update of Edge Reflow. We recently took a step back and analyzed some of the problems that our users were facing. We found that it was really tough to use Reflow, at the beginning. Once you overcame some of the learning hurdles, you saw the value of creating responsive designs in this environment. But, honestly, a lot of people were just never passing the initial learning obstacles. In the our current release, we hope that a couple of things will ease learning to use the tool. First, we added a sample project that opens with your initial launch of Edge Reflow.



This sample project allows you to explore the various media query breakpoints at 480px, 768px and 960px by clicking on them. The project uses most of the functionality that Reflow has to offer including background images, different types of positioning (fixed and static), borders, text styles, form elements, linking etc. I think the only thing it doesn’t have is multiple pages. Maybe we’ll add this in a future release.

The project also acts as a place to find new content to help you learn, outside of the software itself. If you view the project in the browser, or preview it, by pressing the TAB key, you will be able to click on external links that go to places like tutorials, issue lists, Twitter and Facebook pages. The links don’t work while you are in “design” mode for your project.

This project will not open the second time you open Reflow, so, if you would like to see it again, go to your Help menu and find “Open Welcome Project”.

ImageWe hope this helps you to learn how to use Reflow. Let us know what you think via twitter: @Reflow.