Updating My Flash Player Causes A Green Bar For Videos!

An update to the Flash Player, version, just shipped a short time ago and when it did, it introduced a nasty bug on my Windows laptop. Exhibit A:

All videos on Hulu, YouTube, ESPN etc seemed to have this green bar. I found that this problem only occured with Flash Player 11.2  and it also only happened when my laptop was not plugged into its power supply. I tried various resolutions on my laptop and none of them seemed to matter. The only factors were:

1) I was using Flash Player

2) My laptop was not plugged into a power source

3) I ran 320p or 720p  video. 240p and 480p video did not reproduce the problem.

I have a Lenovo W510 laptop with an NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M graphics card.

Per the recommendation of the Flash Runtime video team, the way to fix this problem is to download and install the latest drivers . This problem had been reported before and the Flash Runtime explained that this was a driver issue, not Flash issue.  At the time, my driver version was  4/17/2011,

Here is the first thing to try:

1) Go to your Device Manager. Control Panel -> Device Manager

2) Double click on “Display adapters”

3) Right click on your graphics card and select “Properties”

4) Select the “Driver” tab

5) Click on the button to “Update Driver…”

6) Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”

7) If you got a newer driver installed, you will need to reboot Windows to see if your problem is fixed.

Now, this method of updating my driver did not work for me. Windows came back telling me that I had the latest driver, so, no new drivers were installed. If you get the same response from your system, my next recommendation would be to go to the NVIDIA website to check for drivers.

From the NVIDIA website, select your graphics card and download the driver. I found a newer driver on the NVIDIA site. After downloading it, I was able to run the exe file and complete the installation of the driver.

After rebooting my system, the dreaded green bar was gone.

My new driver information is:

Driver Date: 3/22/2012
Driver Version: 817.12.9635

Now, if you are not seeing this issue on a system that does not use an NVIDIA driver, please leave a comment below. We have only gotten reports that NVIDIA drivers have caused issues, but, maybe the problelm is more widespread.

Also, on some forums, it seems that Linux users are having troubles solving this issue. Sorry, I don’t have information to help Linux users at this time.

If updating a driver doesn’t work, many people have just turned off hardware acceleration and that should work too.

21 responses

  1. if the drivers update doesnt work turning off Hardware acceleration in flash should fix it. Right click on the video, choose settings and the hardware tab (first on left) and uncheck hardware accel.

    1. Good point! Thanks, David.

    2. This solved the issue for me. I don’t know what the update broke but turning off hardware accelleration fixed it.

    3. problem solved for me too with this option. maybe it will a little bit slower to watch video but I have no problem until now.

  2. Just wanted to thank you for the solution and add some info regarding my setup:

    Machine: Dell Latitude e6420
    Display Adapter: Nvidia NVS 4200m

    The ‘Update driver’process from the adapter properties didn’t work, had to search for display adapter driver, found in Nvidia’s ‘download drivers’ site section:

    Thanks again for the tip, worked like a champ! -TD

  3. Sir, I love you. This worked. Thanks so much 😀

  4. Also for me. It worked perfectly. Thanks for advice!!

  5. Thanks David – had the same issue w/ my Lenovo T520. You saved me lost of guess work! Thank you for this public service.

  6. disabling hardware acceleration fixed my green bar also!
    specs: win7 ultimate 64x on a dell pavilion dv5 laptop, newest flash version as of 4/28.

  7. Thank you so much for this, I couldn’t find anything about how to fix the problem. Thanks again.

  8. Thank you. Very simple, very easy. Nice post

  9. thanks a lot. very helpful post

  10. Grazie, funziona!

  11. Lenovo W510 with Windows 7
    Problem: green bar on the bottom of flash video after updating to Nvidia driver
    Disable of hardware acceleration in flash also fixed the problem. Would a clean install fix the problem?

    1. A clean install would install the latest Flash Player which I think has blacklisted the drivers that cause this problem. So, you still won’t get hardware acceleration for watching video. It would be better to go and get the newest driver from NVidia.

  12. I had this issue on a Lenovo T510 system with Nvidia NVS 3100M video. Upgrading the video drivers to the latest (301.42 as of this writing) appears to have fixed the problem.

  13. Same here: after latest nvidia driver install (from Nvidia site or from Windows update, doesn’t matter) green bar appears. The only way to workaround this is to disable the flash hardware acceleration for me. This happened on several different Nvidia cards (also Quadro FX 2800 and others).

  14. Such a nice and detailed review of the problem. I tired everything to get it fixed but your solution was the one that worked. I started to hate Nvidia, but I am falling in love with it again. You are such a geek. Thanks Buddy.
    Sikandar Awan (Pakistan, Islamabad)

  15. Nvidia surely release drivers more often than ATI but I think that drivers versions have more problems, above all on linux system! Nvidia should care more Ubuntu users…

  16. I have a Lenovo T520 which uses the Intel Display Driver. The problem on this machine is much worse than merely a green bar at the top of the video. The entire video is green, scrambled, and unwatchable. For a long time I have lived with Hardware Acceleration disabled, which bypasses the problem, but I feel I should be able to use it by now.

    I have upgraded to the latest Intel driver provided by IBM for this model, version The problem persisted, so I then installed the latest version of abode flash. Nothing.

    Still have the problem.

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