Adding toolTips to a Spark ButtonBar

This question came up today as to how to add toolTips to individual Buttons in your ButtonBar. No surprise here… the solution was to create a custom skin for ButtonBar. In the custom skin, I am adding a toolTip to the firstButton,  middleButton and lastButton. I assume that people will want to display some text that is in their dataProvider as the toolTip. In my ButtonBar skin, everything is the same except for these component definitions of the Buttons:

<fx:Component id="firstButton">
    <s:ButtonBarButton skinClass="spark.skins.spark.ButtonBarFirstButtonSkin"
       toolTip="{}" />

<fx:Component id="middleButton" >
    <s:ButtonBarButton skinClass="spark.skins.spark.ButtonBarMiddleButtonSkin" 
        toolTip="{}" />

<fx:Component id="lastButton" >
    <s:ButtonBarButton skinClass="spark.skins.spark.ButtonBarLastButtonSkin" 
         toolTip="{}" />

Run the Sample: ButtonBarExample.swf

Source Code: ButtonBarExample.mxml, ButtonBarToolTiipSkin.mxml

3 responses

  1. Thanks! This helped out. Not sure why they disabled toolTip in the dataprovider for Spark ButtonBars

  2. hi,

    tooltip doesn’t appear on disabled state for this control, any ideas how to solve this issue?

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