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A Conference for the East Coasters

Adobe MAX was last week and you may still be glowing from the scores of information that you absorbed (not to mention the free phone and Google TV!). But, maybe you didn’t get to go to MAX and you still want to get your RIA building skills a little boost or you just can’t get enough of the conference excitement. Well… RIA Unleashed is coming to Boston, very soon. It is a two day conference in Boston on November 11 and 12.

The focus of the conference is AIR, Flex, Coldfusion and Flash. Registration is currently just $200 for both days–that includes the hands-on training, conference day, the Thursday night party, and lunch on both days. You can also just attend the conference day sessions for only $75.

Here are a few more details about each day:

“Day one is devoted to your choice of hands-on training in areas such as Flex, Flash, AIR, AIR for Android, and ColdFusion. Some highlights of day one include Scott Janousek covering AIR for Android, Mike Labriola teaching component development in Flex 4, and Bob Silverberg on ColdFusion 9 ORM.

Day 2 is the conference day, featuring 4 tracks and over 20 sessions on Adobe technologies and development. This is the best event to get all the scoop on the announcements and releases from Adobe MAX. Speakers from Adobe include Ryan Stewart, Adam Lehman, James Ward, Greg Wilson, Christophe Coenraets, and Terrence Ryan. RIA Unleashed also features some of the most well known and respected members of the Flash, Flex, and ColdFusion developer communities including Jesse Warden, Jesse Freeman, Raymond Camden, Charles Schulze, Brian Diette, Jeff Tapper, and Chuck Freedman among others.”

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By the way, I was not at MAX this year and I won’t be at RIA Unleashed, but, I truly believe conferences are fantastic ways to meet people trying to solve the same problems as you. While you areĀ  having fun, I’ll go back to my cubicle where we are trying to push out these “Hero” features. Lastly, thanks to Brian Rinaldi for providing me with all this information. Cheers!