Code Coverage plug-in for Flash Builder is available

As of today, a code coverage tool that is a plug-in for Flash Builder was posted to Adobe Labs. We have actually been using this tool on the Flex SDK QA team for quite some time, but, this is the first time that it has been put out for the public. I’m pretty excited to see this. I’ve heard a good number of customers ask for it and I knew that someone on my team had already written this tool and we were using it with a lot of success.

The tool is a simple plug-in and will give you a perspective within Flash Builder to run code coverage on multiple applications, view generated reports, and examine source code and save/load reports. It provides both line and method coverage.

Here is a screenshot of what the perspective looks like. I actually just used it this morning to see my coverage on a new class I was testing.

For any particular class, you can dive in deeper to view which methods you have hit and which ones you haven’t. Here, I am analyzing the class in my report.

Finally, from this view, you can click on any method and get taken to the code to see what you’ve missed in your testing.

Good luck and happy testing! I’m sure that our team would appreciate any feedback that you might have regarding the new tool. You can post comments or questions on the labs forum at:

4 responses

  1. Awesome stuff, going to play with it right now!

    1. @Nate: Great! Let us know what you and other community members think. Since this is something on labs, it will only make it into Flash Builder if we get some traction with it.

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