MAX Talk: Moving from Flex 3 to Flex 4

MAX started off today a bit bumpy for me. I had a talk about “Moving from Flex 3 to Flex 4” at 11:30 which was directly after the first keynote of the conference. Unfortunately, the keynote started 20 mins. late and ended 45 mins. late, so, while my session was supposed to be at max capacity (about 175 people), only about 25 people were in the room at 11:40 when I decided to start. By about noon, they asked me stop my presentation and restart it at 12:25 so that people coming from the keynote could still attend. Ahhh! What a pain. Anyways, thanks to the people who showed up on time to my talk and apologies that you had to wait so long for the talk to complete.

Finally, at 1:30 or so, the session ended.

Here are the slides for the presentation for those who are interested:

Slides: FlexMigration_shorter.pptx

I’m hoping for a smoother session on Wednesday at 11!

Update (10/9/09) – I’ve updated the slides since my presentation on Wednesday. I added more details about using TLFTextfield with Beta 2 to avoid embedding fonts twice when using MX and Spark components. I also fixed a typo I had in the States slide excludeIn -> excludeFrom.

4 responses

  1. Hey Joan,

    I took the liberty to upload your slides to (shameless plug 🙂 ) I hope you don’t mind. Our product is Flex 3 based so FX 4 is our wild dream now. Would you be interested in talking over these slides using our FMS based narration features? (signup & upload & narrate)

    Here’s the link:


  2. I hope today goes a little smoother for you 🙂 Will this be available on the adobe tv site?

    I have been playing around with Flex Builder Beta and it is certainly different than Flex Builder 3. I am hoping that I can find a really good reference to help my transition.


  3. Hello again, I was very happy to see this talk was added to the adobe tv page. For those who come after me looking for this discussion, you can find it here:

    ( if that link breaks you can try this tinyurl version: )

    I am going to grab some coffee and watch this right now 🙂

  4. This was a great talk Joan! It was nice meeting you at Adobe MAX.

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