Flex 4 Rename week is complete

We have completed the scrubbing of our Flex 4 classes and completed the rename. Moving forward, no APIs should be renamed unless someone gives up their first born child and does a little jig on top of Mt. Kilamanjaro.

If you are interested in what was checked in during this rename, check out our open source site at:


By the way, the final rename that went in today was that the flex4.swc was renamed to spark.swc. (This might affect a few folks, so, I thought I’d call it out.)

3 responses

  1. Funny you mention it… An Irishman formerly at Adobe actually did a jig on Mt. Kilamanjaro, about ColdFusion though. News still pending on the first child though.

  2. This is an extremely useful resource. Thanks for putting this up.
    I spent 1 hr trying to figure out why embedded fonts broke when i updated to a fresher nightly flex sdk build, till I thought of checking this list and saw one line that explained why :

    cff -> embedAsCFF !!!

    1. glenn williams | Reply

      only an hour! lucky you lol
      i was there ages!!!!!

      now, have you managed to get spark and halo both using the same embedded font family?

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