360Flex Sample: Using a Slider as an itemRenderer

Again, this is a sample that Ryan and I showed at our 360Flex talk on custom itemRenderers. In this example, a Flex Slider is used as a renderer and an editor for a column. What makes using a Slider different from a Button, DateField or some of the other Flex components is that a Slider does not implement IDropInListItemRenderer or IDataRenderer. Therefore, by default, you cannot use it as a drop-in itemRenderer.

For the sample, I have subclassed a Flex HSlider and implemented both IDropInListItemRenderer and IDataRenderer. When implementing IDataRenderer, you need define a setter and getter for the data property. When implementing IDropInListItemRenderer, you need to define a setter and getter for the listData property.

Also, if you want the Slider to act as a renderer and editor (affecting your data), be sure to do the following:

1) Set editable=true on your DataGrid
2) Set rendererIsEditor on your DataGridColumn
3) Set editorDataField on your DataGridColumn that is using the Slider.


View the Sample Here: AmericanIdol.swf (press the button in the app to get the data to fill in the DataGrid)
Download the Source Here: SliderRenderer.zip

One response

  1. Will this work in Flex 4 as I am getting a few errors implementing it in my advanced datagrid?

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