Compiling in Flex 4 with the Halo theme

I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but, I’m going to post it again because it probably got buried in a longer post.

In the Flex 4 SDK, we automatically use the Spark theme which you might not want. Many styles don’t work in this theme and you might want to go back to the theme from Flex 3. Flex 3 used the “Halo” theme.

This theme can still be found in the SDK under <sdk dir>/frameworks/themes/Halo/halo.swc. To compile an application in Flex 4 with the halo theme, your mxmlc compile statement will look something like this:

>./mxmlc -theme=../frameworks/themes/Halo/halo.swc

5 responses

  1. Have you found that this is breaking in the latest 5XXX and 6XXX nightlies? You get the “white skin” when using Halo.swc (the same as you get when you miss out the -theme flag).

    Wondering if it now requires an extra compatibility flag.

    Also how are you referencing halo.swc within the Compiler Arguments window? I resorted to copying halo.swc to the project folder and using “../libs/halo.swc” just to get it to find it.

  2. Ah this could be due to the new type selectors. Apologies if so!

  3. Just wanted to post that you can specify “-compatibility-flag 3” along with the “-theme halo.swc” in the compiler arguments for those wishing to use their Flex 3 Halo app but don’t want to modify their CSS etc, or are still having funky styling issues.

  4. exact compiler params
    -compatibility-version=3.3 -theme=${flexlib}/themes/Halo/halo.swc

  5. Stanislav Stankov | Reply

    Do not work for me 😦

    still have not styled components:

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