Flex JIRA Tips (part VII): How do I request a Feature in Flex?

In our open community meeting a few weeks ago, our team mentioned a “Feature bug base” that was used to determine some of the features in Flex 4. Most of the community didn’t know what this “Feature Bug Base” was. In fact, it is Jira. However, logging a feature is just a little bit different from logging a bug. The form options that you will fill out are different. Voting, watching and commenting on these feature requests is the same.

Here are the steps to file a feature request:

1. Login into Jira at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex

2. Go to the “Create Issue” tab (at the top).

3. Select “Flex SDK” from the “Project” dropdown

4. Select “Feature Request” from the Issue Type. Note, if your request is just a small addition, please file it as a “Minor Request” instead. In general, Minor requests take a developer a few days to implement while Features take a few weeks.


5. Fill in the form for the Feature Request and submit it.

At the beginning of each release, we will look at these feature requests and how many votes they have gotten. If its possible, we will try to honor the most requested features in the following release. For Flex 4, at least two features came from this feature request database: Two-way Binding and Advanced CSS.  These were two of the most requested features in Jira.

By the way, it is probably too late to get any feature requests into Flex 4, but, there is always Flex 5…

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