Flex JIRA Tips (part VI): Understanding Milestones


For every bug that is in the “Open” status, there will be a “Milestone” associated with it. This milestone will tell you one of two things:  When will this bug be fixed? Or, when was this bug fixed and checked in? In the example above, this bug will get fixed in the SDK Gumbo – Feature Complete milestone. 

Here is a list of milestones that we have in our bug base and what they mean:

1. “SDK Gumbo – Feature Complete” : This bug will be fixed (or was already fixed) before a feature signed off. A “sign-off” means that a feature is complete and doesn’t have anymore high priority bugs open. This milestone isn’t used as often by our team anymore.

2. SDK Flex 3.3.0 : This milestone means that this bug is targeted for our next update to Flex 3. This release should come in a short amount of time. There are already 20+ bugs fixed for this next update of Flex 3.

3. SDK Gumbo Iteration 11 : Our team works in six week iterations. We are in iteration 11, right now. The iteration began this past Monday. So, if a bug is targeted for this milestone, it should get fixed in the next five weeks.

4. SDK Gumbo – Release: This bug is targeted for sometime within the release of Flex 4.

5. SDK Community Fix Candidates: These bugs are good candidates for the community to submit patches for. However, if no one from the community fixes this bug, it may not get fixed.

6. SDK Flex 3.4.0: This bug is targeted for another Flex 3 update following our 3.3 build.

All of the other milestones are past milestones, so, the bugs in these milestones should have already been fixed (or they were deferred).

Note that bugs that are not “Open” don’t get a “Milestone” set. For example, bugs in “Community” or “New” status will not have the “Milestone” set.

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