Flex JIRA Tips (part IV): Community Fix Candidates

There are a lot of the bugs that have been filed by our Flex community since we launched the public bug base. For that, we say “Thank You”!  However, we just don’t have enough resources on our team to fix all of the bugs.  After two votes, someone on our QA team reviews the bug. Then, after they have reproduced the bug and deemed it a valid bug, it is sent to our “Internal Review Board” (IRB). In IRB, a small group of people decide which bugs get opened. These are often very tough decisions. Many of these bugs which we would really like to see fixed, but, just don’t have the time in the schedule to do it go into a “Community Milestone”. These are bugs that our team believe would be great candidates for the community to fix. And… we really hope you fix them. Please!!!!

Some of the bugs in the milestone are simple while some are probably more complicated. I have to be honest, however, few List class related bugs make it into this milestone. We don’t want to torture you by getting you well acquainted with these classes. The complexity of these classes make it much harder to submit patches that get accepted.  But, we have taken patches in some List based classes, so, if you feel up for the challenge, do it!  The community is free to fix any bug, but, this list of bugs is a good starting place if you are just looking to contribute.

To see this list, go to the “Home” tab when you first login to JIRA. Under the “Saved Filters” table, click on the “SDK Community Bug Fix Candidates” link.  Check out the bugs and help fix one!


If you want to know how to submit a patch for the SDK, check out this blog entry: Submitting a patch to the Flex SDK

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