Flex JIRA Tips (part III): How do I reopen a ‘Closed’ bug?

First and foremost, what does the ‘Closed’ status on a bug mean?

1.  Fixed – Closed


These bugs have been fixed in a Flex SDK build. The ‘Closed’ status means that someone on the QA team has confirmed the fix in a build. Once closed, these bugs will probably not get looked at again by our team.

2. External – Closed


These are either Flash Player or AIR bugs. In general, these bugs are filed in a different bug repository. After the other bug has been filed with another team, the bug is closed. The flex team is unlikely to look at this bug again. However, we sometimes comment in the bug when we see that the corresponding player or AIR bug has been fixed.

3. Deferred – Closed


Deferred Bugs are valid bugs that an internal review team has decided not to fix for the current release. These bugs are usually looked at once during every release cycle. However, with the volume of deferred bugs, we often don’t get a chance to look at all of them. Instead, we’ll review at deferred bugs with many votes or particular severity.

4. Other status (Cannot Reproduce, Not A Bug) – Closed


These bugs have been closed by QA for the reason specified in the “Resolution” field. These are not likely to get re-opened unless the person filing the bug refutes the resolution. (see below about getting these re-opened).

Now that we are clear on what a “Closed” bug means, here are some suggestions on how to get a bug re-opened for review by the team.

1. Comment in a bug and state your case for why this bug should be re-opened. If someone is subscribing to the bug, they will get an email when you comment on the bug. In general, we are encouraging our team to subscribe to any bugs that they close that have been filed by a customer.

2. Sometimes no one is subscribed to the bug, so, #1 won’t work. Then, post the bug on flexcoders or the adobe forums and talk about it. A few people on our team watch flexcoders and the other forum and often respond to issues on there.

3. Blog about the bug. Again… the more exposure the better.

4. Vote on a bug (especially with Deferred bugs). When we are reviewing bugs to re-open every release, we will search for the deferred bugs with the most votes.

Good luck, we will try our best to hear your calls for help.

8 responses

  1. It’s funny that you post about this very topic… A bug I was watching was closed incorrectly. This blog post series helps tremendously! Thanks.

  2. What can do I do next about closed issues like External flash player reason?

    1. @JoonHa, unfortunately, the bugs that the Flash Player team are working on are not public. Therefore, you can’t track the bug. I would still subscribe to the original bug that you filed in Jira. Someone may give you an update on the bug if it gets fixed with the player team. Also, leave a comment that you’d like to know what the status is of the bug. On the Flex team, we don’t monitor the Flash bugs that much, however. I hope one of these tips help. By the way, which bug were you trying to track?

    1. @Lee – This bug has the attention of the Flash Player team. It was moved from the Flex bug base to the player bug base. It should be fixed in a future release of the player.

  3. […] Flex JIRA Tips (part III): How do I reopen a ‘Closed’ bug? […]

  4. First class insights. I loved to read your article. You have got to be putting bundle of efforts into your blog

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