Flex JIRA Tips (part I): Voting on Bugs

In the community forum, there were quite a few comments regarding filing bugs. Some of the process around bug filing and the status of these bugs didn’t seem to be clear to everyone, so, I thought I would try to clear up some of the questions that people had in a series of posts about Jira and Flex’s bug filing process.

Why is voting so important?

1. When you file a bug, it goes into “Community” status. Bugs in “Community” status don’t necessarily get looked at by our team.  Once a bug gets as little as TWO votes, it moves into “New” status. Every bug in “New” status will get looked at by someone on the Flex SDK QA team (like me).

2. Voting on bugs (and commenting in them) let’s us know that this bug is important to you.  When we are deciding what bugs to fix or defer, the votes often sway our decisions. Now, just because a bug has a lot of votes  does not mean it will get fixed. As you know, schedule, feasibility of a fix and other factors come into play as well. However, votes definitely help a bug’s chance of getting fixed.

3. You can still vote on bugs in the “Deferred” status. At some point in a release (usually the beginning), we will review some Deferred bugs. The ones with the most votes usually get reviewed again.

How do I vote on a bug?

1. You must be logged in to Jira to vote. If you are not logged into Jira, you will NOT see the “Vote” link. Instead, you will see a message (like the one below) telling you to login to see more links:


2. Once you are logged in, look at the links on the left most column of the bug and click on the “Vote for it” link under the “Operations” section.


3. After you have voted for a bug, commenting on the bug also helps us understand why this is important to you. Let us know if you have found a workaround for the bug or if it is blocking you from having some type of functionality in your application.

Now, go out there and vote! It really is one of the few ways that we can sift through all of the filed bugs to see what is the most important to the community.

5 responses

  1. I never understood why you wouldn’t look at every bug. If someone takes the time to sign up and report it they shouldn’t have to go campaigning for other people to vote for it to get attention.

    1. @Jacob – Unfortunately, between testing new features for the next release and reviewing bugs in “New” status, we don’t have time to review every bug. As an open source product, we rely on the community to provide us feedback to weed out what are the most pressing bugs to the most customers. Getting some attention to your bug can be as simple as posting it on flexcoders or a blog. This way, the community identifies a lot of bugs that may not actually be bugs or helps you find solutions to your problems.

  2. I’m interested in your Flex JIRA Tips. If you don’t mind, I’ll translating it into Korean

    1. Absolutely, feel free to translate them. Spread the word!

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