Flex SDK Fixed Bugs in 3.3

In our open community meeting this morning (which I found extremely valuable), someone mentioned wanting to know what we were fixing in our next milestone. Our next milestone for a minor release is Flex 3.3. This update to the Flex SDK will likely be released in the next month or two. It won’t include any major new features, however, it should have a good number of bug fixes.

To find out what bugs are being fixed for the 3.3 release, you can look in Jira.

How to see what bugs have already been fixed for this upcoming 3.3 release:

1. Login to your Jira acct.

2. On the Home tab, find the table with “Saved Filters” and click on the filter “SDK: Fixed Bugs in 3.3

fixed33This should take you to a filter of all the bugs that have already been fixed and checked into the 3.3 branch.  Right now, there are about 20 bugs in this filter.

How to see what bugs are slated for 3.3 release (but, not fixed yet):

1. Login to Jira

2. Go to the “Find” tab.

3. Select the “New” tab in the Filter view


4. Select the following options: Project: Flex SDK, Issue Type: Any, Milestone: Flex SDK 3.3.0, Status: Open.

Right now, there are another four bugs that are open for the 3.3.0 milestone. So, these will likely get fixed too.

From the “Saved Filters”, you can also view bugs fixed between 3.0 and 3.1 and between 3.1 and 3.2.

4 responses

  1. In the meeting on Tuesday, some people talked about creating a community AIR application for browsing Jira issues so that they can chose to use this instead of the Jira HTML web interface. I have built a Jira application that we currently use for our internal Jira, and I would like to discuss with you, the community, the possibility of using the application I wrote as an open-source project specifically for the bugs.adobe.com Jira system.

    I only want to do this if there’s enough interest. What advice do you have for initiating a dialog about this with the community?

  2. @Harry: That would be great. I will put you in touch with Vera our Product Manager who is managing the open source community (offline). Cheers!Thanks again. Post back here if you don’t hear from someone at adobe about this in a week.

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