Monthly Archives: November, 2008

Slides and Examples from ItemRenderer Talk at MAX (Flex 360)

Thanks to Ryan for putting up the slides and examples from our talk at Flex 360 (at MAX). You can find them here:

Slides: Custom ItemRenderers.pdf


The zip file includes samples that both Ryan and I wrote. I wrote the following examples, so, if you have any questions, post a comment about them here.

– Creating a reusable itemRenderer that changes the background color of a cell (FlexActivities.mxml)

– An itemRenderer example using States (NewsExample.mxml). This example does not work well in our Gumbo alpha (which was given away at MAX). I think there are some bugs in our new development around transitions.

– An example using HSlider as an itemRenderer and editor (RatingExample.mxml)

ItemRenderer Talk at MAX 360 Unconference

Ryan Frishberg and I did a talk today on Advanced ItemRenderers in Flex. I will try to get the samples that we went over posted by tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who came despite us having to compete with a very popular time for MAX presentations.  Stay tuned for the slides and examples coming in the next day or two.