PopUpButton Bugs in Flex 3 Fixed in Stable Nightly Builds

When we released the Flex 3 SDK (build 477), we injected some serious PopUpButton bugs that were not around in Flex 2.0.1. Somehow, these problems slipped through the cracks in our testing. 😦  The general problem was that the popup for a PopUpButton would not show up in various scenarios. Here are a sampling of the bugs:

SDK-15591PopUpButton throws RTE if used in ControlBar container using TitleWindow/PopUpManager

SDK-15590PopUpButton does not work if used with PopUpManager/TitleWindow

SDK-15423HorizontalScrollPolicy impacting Popup Button

SDK-14470Losing PopupButton menu when combining HDividedBox, ViewStack, and PopupButton

Last month, we fixed the PopUpButton bugs that we were aware of. We have not released an official update of the Flex 3 SDK, yet. However, since we are opensource, you can grab these builds from our opensource website. You can find “stable builds” of Flex 3 (which include these bug fixes and others) at: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Download+Flex+3PopupButton menu when combining

On the downloads page, you should see nightly builds along with “stable builds”. Stable builds have had more tests run on them, so, we expect their quality to be pretty high. You can find the PopUpButton fixes in any build after 2000. So, the stable builds 2113 and 2490 should have the fixes that you might be looking for. Good luck!

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  1. Hi Joan,

    How to find a “release note” or a “change log”
    document for each version of “stable builds” of Flex 3 ?

    If I don’t read your blog, how to find the list of
    bugs fixes for version “” or
    the difference between two “stable builds” ?


  2. Great question, Phil. I asked about this at work and found that we’ve got some internal documents that roughly track the bug fixes, but, its not exposed. So, my boss is going to see about getting that exposed somewhere on the open source site.

    Since we are opensource, you can look at the svn branches for particular builds. Each stable build will be from a 3.0.x branch. Therefore, the last stable build was from branch 3.0.3. The second stable build was from branch 3.0.2. So, these urls would be:


    So, if you use any client (like Tortoise SVN) to look at the source code for these various branches, you should find a log of all the changes to that branch.

    Still, we are working on making it easier to tell the major changes in each build.

  3. Hi Joan,
    1) Listen, Joan, you mentioned some of the stable builds: that are 2113 and 2490, but what if i dont find some fixes that i might need to use… do you know any more of them?
    2) And if you find exposed bug fixes, please let me know.

    with respect, Roman

  4. Hi.
    Interesting article.
    Thank you
    And how to subscribe to RSS?

  5. I have had issues with pop up buttons in itemRenderers, sometimes the button does not work correctly.

    Any suggestions?

  6. Have you tried one of our nightly builds since we fixed those PopUp button problems. They may have been causing your problem. If that doesn’t fix it, can you describe the problem a bit more?

  7. I’m wondering if the recent PopupButton fixes might solve my problem? I have a PopUpButton that launches a Menu. In addition I have a ToggleButtonBar control. If I expand the PopupButton menu and then go to click a ToggleButtonBar button the menu begins to collapse but will leave some portion of the menu as a visible artifact. Is this a known bug? I suppose one solution might be to try and remove the animation for when the menu closes and have it close immediately. I’m not sure how to do that however and would prefer a solution where the menu can maintain it’s close effect.

    Thanks in advance

  8. On the Stable Builds on the build there is no access to the mx.charts.

    Any thought on that? Can we fully use the stable builds in our projects? We really want to get rid of some ugly PopUpButton behavior.


    1. Charts isn’t included in the free open source Flex SDK, so you won’t find the Data Visualization swc in any of the stable builds or nightly builds. Here is a link to how to install one of the open source Flex SDKs along with the DataVisualization swcs.


  9. Problem solved!
    Thanks anyways!

  10. Interestingly as though did this information look at oneself if there would be all vice versa? ? Certainly necessary information, but think that saving our ideas we will especially support nothing.

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