Fixing Menus in Full Screen Mode

There was a bug in Flash Player 9, where the text of a Flex Menu control would not show up when your application was in Full Screen mode. Actually, you would see the main menu, but, submenus would have no text visible. This problem was fixed in Flash Player 10. If you grab the Flash Player 10 alpha, you should see that the problem has been fixed.

However, naturally, you can’t depend on all of your users having Flash Player 10 immediately. You can make a minor change to a Flex Menu to work around the text problem. Just set the openDuration style for the Menu to 0. This will remove the Tween from the opening of your Menus, which may not be desireable, but, at least your text will show up. Here’s a small sample snippet:

var categoryMenu:Menu = Menu.createMenu(this, xmlFile, false);
categoryMenu.setStyle(“openDuration”, 0);,0);

For reference and more information, you can see the Flex Bug that was filed related to this problem. SDK-15007

3 responses

  1. Thanks, but it means that I’ll have to wait until there is a Flash Player 10 based AIR version if I want the appear effect to be visible :/

  2. I have found another solution 😀
    You just have to set the application font to another than the default one or embed it in your app.

    By doing like this, you can preserve the appear effect ^^

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