Monthly Archives: July, 2008

PopUpButton Bugs in Flex 3 Fixed in Stable Nightly Builds

When we released the Flex 3 SDK (build 477), we injected some serious PopUpButton bugs that were not around in Flex 2.0.1. Somehow, these problems slipped through the cracks in our testing. 😦  The general problem was that the popup for a PopUpButton would not show up in various scenarios. Here are a sampling of the bugs:

SDK-15591PopUpButton throws RTE if used in ControlBar container using TitleWindow/PopUpManager

SDK-15590PopUpButton does not work if used with PopUpManager/TitleWindow

SDK-15423HorizontalScrollPolicy impacting Popup Button

SDK-14470Losing PopupButton menu when combining HDividedBox, ViewStack, and PopupButton

Last month, we fixed the PopUpButton bugs that we were aware of. We have not released an official update of the Flex 3 SDK, yet. However, since we are opensource, you can grab these builds from our opensource website. You can find “stable builds” of Flex 3 (which include these bug fixes and others) at: menu when combining

On the downloads page, you should see nightly builds along with “stable builds”. Stable builds have had more tests run on them, so, we expect their quality to be pretty high. You can find the PopUpButton fixes in any build after 2000. So, the stable builds 2113 and 2490 should have the fixes that you might be looking for. Good luck!

Fixing Menus in Full Screen Mode

There was a bug in Flash Player 9, where the text of a Flex Menu control would not show up when your application was in Full Screen mode. Actually, you would see the main menu, but, submenus would have no text visible. This problem was fixed in Flash Player 10. If you grab the Flash Player 10 alpha, you should see that the problem has been fixed.

However, naturally, you can’t depend on all of your users having Flash Player 10 immediately. You can make a minor change to a Flex Menu to work around the text problem. Just set the openDuration style for the Menu to 0. This will remove the Tween from the opening of your Menus, which may not be desireable, but, at least your text will show up. Here’s a small sample snippet:

var categoryMenu:Menu = Menu.createMenu(this, xmlFile, false);
categoryMenu.setStyle(“openDuration”, 0);,0);

For reference and more information, you can see the Flex Bug that was filed related to this problem. SDK-15007