Why don’t my deprecated styles work in Flex 3

For Flex, our documentation has the following definition of what “deprecated” means:

While deprecated elements still work, Adobe recommends that you do not continue using deprecated elements in your code. Support of deprecated elements in the future is not guaranteed.

As a developer, you might be too busy to migrate all of your code to use new API behaviors in Flex 3, so you decide to keep on using some deprecated styles.  I mean… they should work right?  Adobe’s documentation says that they will still work.

Well, Peter deHaan (a Flex QA guy on my team) who likes to keep our documentation honest pointed out that the description of “deprecated” is actually false. There are a good number of styles that we deprecated for Flex 3 that don’t work anymore. These are mostly due to the Style Proxy changes that I described in a different post: Upcoming Changes to Flex Styles. These styles include items like columnCount, horizontalGap and backgroundColor for a ColorPicker. So, if you compile something like this:

<mx:ColorPicker columnCount=”10″ />

You won’t get the expected 10 columns in your swatch panel. To get styles like this working again in a Flex 3 compiled application, you need to use the backwards compatibility flag: -compatibility-version=2.0.1. This will allow columnCount to work as it did for Flex 2 even though you are compiling in Flex 3. However, as a warning, when you use the -compatibility-version flag, you will get all of the Flex 2 behavior that supports the flag. To see what you get with this flag, you can check out this link:


Anyways, Peter filed a bug against our documentation, so, hopefully, this confusion over what deprecated means will be resolved.

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  1. Very interesting article, I will wait for continuation

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