Changes from Flex Beta 3 to Flex 3 Release

Some customers have asked us what changes went into the Flex SDK from Beta 3 to our release. I tried to find this information via our public bugbase, however, there didn’t seem to be one. Instead, I went through all of the developer changelists between these two public releases and made a list. Hopefully, this list will help your resolve any issues that you have moving from Flex 3 beta 3 to the released version. All of the changes were bug fixes.

AIR Component Changes:

SDK-13902: Download source link fails in AIR view source. (changes made to WindowedApplication class)

SDK-14062 : DragProxy does not show up in DataGrid when running on AIR

SDK-14300, SDK-14399: minWidth, minHeight, maxWidth and maxHeight changes to fix various bugs.

SDK-14544: Popups in an mx:Window were showing up behind the <mx:Window>. This bug affected Menus, Alerts, PopUps and Tooltips in AIR.

List Based Component Changes:

SDK-13908: Runtime error on dragDrop for DataGrid

SDK-13902: TileList did not recycle rows.

SDK-13807: Items disappear as you move items around and scroll in a Tree.

SDK-13977: Horizontal TileList and List with offscreenExtraRowsOrColumns dragDrop cursor position is incorrect on a scroll

SDK-13980: List component gets into a bad state with empty rows if you drag and drop and have offscreenExtraRowsOrColumns set.

SDK-13540: Runtime error when navigating List or Tree using pending simulator

Tooltip Changes:

SDK-13465: Unexpected toolTip shows up

Cross-versioning Bug Fixes:

SDK-13930, SDK-13931, SDK-13945, SDK-13862


SDK-14044: SWFLoader and SystemManager references to SystemManager were changed to ISystemManager.

Note: This was a manual process of me going through internal check-in emails for the period between Beta 3 and our release. Therefore, I might have missed a couple of bug fixes.

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