Flex votes on Super Tuesday

As February 5 approaches here in California, most people are deciding who to vote for in our presidential primaries, but, this isn’t the only decision that you have to make on Tuesday. You need to make some decisions on how you want to influence the future of Flex. Plus, this Flex vote isn’t limited to U.S. residents or to people over 18!

Anyone can vote for Features in our public Flex Bugbase. Right now, our team is considering features for our next release and your votes count. If you aren’t familiar with voting in the Flex bugbase, here are a few basic steps:1. Go to http://bugs.adobe.com/flex

2. Register or login

3. Click on the link for “Find Issues”

4. On the left column, under, “project”, selectt “Flex Builder” and the “Flex SDK” .

5. Under “type”, select “Feature Request”.

6. Click the button to “View”. This will bring up a list of all of the Flex feature requests that we are considering. Peruse the list and select ones that you feel passionate about.

7. When viewing a bug, you can click on the “view” link next to the “Votes” label (on the left hand column) of the bug.

8. From this screen, you can “add” your vote to this bug. It also helps our team if you add comments to bugs describing why this bug is important to you.

Early voting is available, so, you can vote today!

Also, please file any new Feature Requests that have not been recorded in the bugbase. By Tuesday, you may also be able to vote for the bugs that are currently “Deferred”. However, this isn’t allowed yet, and I don’t know if this will be available by Tuesday.

Go forth! Make a difference! And, if you don’t believe me, then, you should believe Matt Chotin:

I’m a member of the Flex SDK team and I approve this message.

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