MAX 2007 in Chicago is hitting record numbers!

We just got word that we are almost at 4000 attendees for MAX which will be at least 1600 people more than previous years. This is great! The more the merrier. It’s always fun to meet customers using our product, people we’ve conversed with over email and new faces to network with. There are a ton of sessions on Flex and Adobe AIR that I’m looking forward to going to. Even though I work at Adobe, I still tend to learn a lot from each of the sessions. Plus, I get to know some of Adobe’s other products that I don’t get as much exposure to. Specifically, I hope to attend “Flex on Rails”, “Working With Persistent Data in AIR”, “Customizing the Flex Framework” (Deepa is a great speaker, by the way), and maybe “Building AIR Applications in CS3” . Who knows… there are tons to choose from. And of course, at least half of the Flex team will be in attendance. I’m sure we’ll have a “Meet the Flex Team” event on one of the nights. I think that all of the AIR team will be in attendance as well.

If you haven’t registered for MAX yet, do it now!! Hotels are running out. You can register here.

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