Just Came From Flex Camp in SF

I had a late night at Flex Camp at the Adobe San Francisco office last night. Some of us on the Flex team were the last remaining stragglers hanging out in the Flex/AIR room until facilities asked us to leave. Anyways, the picture above is from some of the cool schwag that we got out of the night. They had beer mugs, t-shirt (with actual ladies sizes), a Flex yo-yo, a canvas bag and a free copy of Flex Builder. Wow, that was a big give away of hundreds of dollars!

Anyways, although I mostly hung out in the Flex room fielding some questions (only half of which I could answer), I did see a few cool demos. By the way, I was one of the few people wearing the “got bugs?” t-shirts promoting our public bugbase at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex (another plug).

One of the things that I really liked seeing was the demo from Mix Book. They are a web 2.0 start-up allowing you to share and create books with your friends. And, yes…there are a lot of companies where you can create photo books, but, as far as I know… there are none where you can have your friends make contributions to the same book. Anyways, I registered myself an account last night and maybe I’ll make up a book soon.

In the Flex room, we were talking to people about our open source process and trying to motivate people to log bugs as well as some tips on “How To Get Your Bugs Fixed”. Here were some of the tips we gave people:

How To Get Your Flex Bugs Fixed 1. Narrow down your use case.

2. Include a test file to reproduce the bug. Include the mxml and AS files (not just the swf).

3. Vote on bugs! Vote! Vote! Vote! Bugs don’t actually go to the Flex Dev team until they have a couple of votes (I think the magic number is two).

4. Categorize your bug correctly.

5. Check back on the status of your bug. Sometimes we comment in them asking for more information.

6. Add screenshots. Its easier to reproduce a bug and see the severity of a problem with a screenshot.

7. State the severity of a bug. If this is blocking your work and there is no workaround, specify this in the comments. Also, if the bug is a regression, be sure to mention that the use case worked in 2.0 or 2.0.1 and not in the newer build that you are working on. We upgrade these bugs right away.

8. Alcohol and snacks for the Flex QA team never hurt anyone’s chances of getting bugs fixed 🙂

By the way, the best source for current information regarding our open source initiatives are at: https://bugs.adobe.com/confluence/display/ADOBE/Home
Unfortunately, we haven’t put together one location for all of our info yet. But, this is on the agenda and it will eventually live somewhere on: http://opensource.adobe.com/

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